The Guardian: The Molotov Cocktail Throwers were undercover police officers

June 12th, 2013 | Good Morning Turkey
The Guardian: The Molotov Cocktail Throwers were undercover police officers

Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with the British Guardian newspaper has reported about latest events in Turkey. On his article he stated that “The “protesters” were in fact middle-aged undercover police officers, staging a not very plausible “attack” on their own for the benefit of the cameras.”

The riot Police used the activity as a support point to the arguments about there were marginal illegal organizations trying to provoke the protesters. On the other hand photos and videos published on the social media created a big debate if these Molotov Cocktail throwers were real marginal protesters or staged play by riot Police.

Good Morning Turkey Correspondent Barbaros Aytug reported from Gezi Park; “The use of Molotov cocktails happened at the exact moment when police used heavy gas and water cannons on protesters to retake the park. Though in the early days of the protests, when the police were much more brutal, some people used to throw rocks at them to keep them away, yet Molotov cocktail were not used by those around Taksim Square. So people all around the country find the few fully equipped, explosive throwing protesters a bit questionable. Even though they were few and they threw Molotov cocktails, the same police who used to beat unarmed protesters did not take much action on them. They let these small assaults continue uninterrupted for a while. This rather strange situation lead people to believe that the equipped protesters of the morning raid might be affiliated with the police, staged to show those who are against the protests that the protesters are not innocent. This is still a hot debate topic and nothing seems certain.”

One of the most shared video on social media about the molotov cocktail debate

Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with the Guardian. He has reported from Delhi, Berlin and Moscow and has covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. He is currently based at the Guardian’s office in London.

Luke Harding’s article on Guardian can be visited at:

Good Morning Turkey


  1. HEbuy says:

    Well, I think Guardian is failing to keep up with recent development in Turkey. Government already caught one of so called molotov cocktail thrower whom end up being a member of extremist/communist movement.

    • İlkay says:

      Well yes, that’s what government states. Also governor of Istanbul stated that police is not going to attack against protester whom stand still at Gezi Parkı but less than 12 hours of this statement, riot police attacked against the protesters. I believe anyone who have ability to hear and/or read is not going to believe this government unless they admit their blames since protests begins and accept their responsibility for the police violent.

    • K says:

      Within 2 hours after the incident yes. We believed so hard to those lies all of us going to vote for akp in the next elections.

      Oh wow, some people are more ignorant than I can ever imagine.

  2. douglas says:

    While I very much agree that this episode was likely staged for the TV cameras, I have to ask you if you think your article title is a bit misleading. “The Guardian: The Molotov Cocktail Throwers were undercover police officers”. Whereas, the very last sentence of your article reads; “This is still a hot debate topic and nothing seems certain.” These two ideas seem to be contradictory. Which is it ‘they were’ or ‘no one is certain’? Or, are you using someone else’s suposition as your title because it sounds more dramatic?

    • The title of the article was the words of Guardian Newspaper correspondent Luke Harding. You can follow the links to read his full article.

    • AnnieB says:

      The last sentence of the article is part of a quote, it is what the Good Morning Turkey correspondent Barbaros Aytug said, not what the person writing this article concluded.

  3. Adnan Akgun says:

    Link is not working
    Please find working link below

  4. xpugur says:

    kaynak nerde? link !?!?!? sitesinde öyle bi haber göremiyorum link lazım !

  5. burcu says:

    hi there, the artical named “The Guardian: The Molotov Cocktail Throwers were undercover police officers” video link isn’t working…. please insert new link :

    It’s so importans for us, thanx :)

  6. cahit says:

    Write this on youtube to watch the video: `Tomaya gel gel yapan direnişçi`

  7. Serhat Karakayali says:

    Thank you, I wish the Turkish Media would be as independent as the Guardian!
    Unfortunately the video seems to be gone.

  8. Paraic Maguire says:

    Please provide a link to the Guardian article.

  9. Eric says:

    The video is no longer accessible. Is it available elsewhere?

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  12. Matt says:

    The police assaults are indiscriminate against families, children, doctors, and those already injured in the protests

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